Printing Methods

There are many options when it comes to printing a lovely and unique invitation suite. They range from streamlined and minimal to elegant and luxurious.


This method uses plates that press the ink down onto the paper, leaving an impression on the paper that you can feel when you run your finger over it. Letterpress can elevate a traditional invitation suite and can compliment a more unique design. This can be one of the more costly printing methods, but can be within reach depending on the number of ink colors. Each ink color must be printed individually

Digital or Flat Printing

This method is printed on digital printers, allowing designs to include infinite colors. This method can be used to reproduce brush calligraphy or watercolor designs

Foil Stamping

This method applies a shiny colored foil in place of ink. It adds a touch of glamour to a flat or letterpress printed invitation or can be used for an entire invitation to create an elegant and luxurious end result.

Paper Options

Paper comes in various thicknesses or plys that can add character to your suite. The standard weight for a letterpressed invitation is a 220lb double thick paper. For flat printing, the standard is an 110lb single thickness paper. All papers come in bright white, soft white and ecru. Other paper stocks and colors can be used for an additional cost.